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Our mobile application Hygiene Process Management (HPM) supports you in your daily patient care, offering better Hygiene and thus more patient safety.

HPM is a unique new innovative tool allowing you to manage and document all processes associated with the use of medical devices, such as hospital beds. The fundamental idea of HPM is to provide single proof of decontamination for every medical device, including the logging of individual steps of the entire decontamination process. With HPM, the hygienic status of a medical device becomes visible anywhere in your hospital, displayed together with the location of the respective device, and all in real time.

HPM has been developed by an experienced team of Hygiene, Patient Care and Software engineers, taking into account the existing challenges in a hospital environment. Our experts are in an active dialogue with our user groups, i.e. nursing and cleaning staff, as well as medical engineers and hospital management. This leads to a continuous adaption and improvement of HPM according to your operational requirements.

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Who benefits from HPM in Germany

Nursing Homes
Hospital Patients (p.a.)

Big Challenges for Healthcare Facilities

More Work

Increasing patient numbers and a shorter length of stay in hospitals will lead to an increasing number of required decontaminations.

More Proof

Ever more regulation and tougher enforcement of legislation is asking for complete documentation of decontamination processes.

More Litigation

Hidden liability risks from non-compliance with hygiene laws even imply criminal consequences.
Report (GER)

33% of clinics in the survey admit neglecting hygiene documentation

Arbeitsreport Krankenhaus, Hans-Böckler-Stiftung, 2014

33% of all respondents in German hospitals admit neglecting required task of documentation in the field of hygiene.

Report (GER)
Study (GER)

At least 30.000 patients die as a consequence of poor hygiene

Studie der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Krankenhaushygiene e.V. (DGKH)

According to estimates of the DGKH, at least 30.000 hospital patients die every year as a consequence of poor hygiene in hospitals.

Study (GER)

Our Structured Approach

Analysis and Evaluation of your actual process quality
With an emphasis on helping you achieve your goals: compliance, process optimization, lowering of costs and increase in earnings

Commissioning and Training of your staff
Holding hands and making your staff fit – according to your requirements

HPM in Operation, Updates & continuous improvement
You are in business. Continuous support through personal contact and technical updates.

What sets us apart?

Der Wunsch nach sinkenden nosokomialen Infektionen


As a fast growing innovative start-up in the healthcare sector, we are always looking for new talent wanting to join us and able to support us achieve our goals and visions.
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Full-Stack Developer Ruby

Help shape our development path within our existing IT-Team, together with the founders and the marketing team


Ability to develop innovative Web-Apps and Cross Platform Mobile-Apps

System Administration/IT Internship

Adminsitration of existing system infrastructure, mobile device management and internal IT-support

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